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Laravel Entity Relation Diagram Generator

Laravel Entity Relation Diagram Generator

Laravel Entity Relation (ER) Diagram Generator is a package by Marcel Pociot that lets you generate entity relation diagrams by inspecting the relationships defined in your model classes. It produces images using GraphViz.

Use our latest package to generate entity relation diagrams out of your @laravelphp model files.
The package is highly customizable and can inspect your table schema.

Here are two examples taken from the @laravelio codebase.https://t.co/N9q4mF2vl7 pic.twitter.com/50Gjls3juR

— Marcel Pociot (@marcelpociot) July 3, 2018

The ER Diagram package is highly customizable, including Graphviz options that you want to be applied to your graph, table styles, and model paths, to name a few.

For example, if your model classes live in a different namespace than the default path, you can configure multiple paths with the following configuration:

'directories' => [app_path('models'), // app/models/ ],

Check out the package configuration file for full customization and configuration details.

To generate your application’s visual model graph, you use the artisan console command:

 php artisan generate:erd

Custom filename

php artisan generate:erd output.png

SVG format

php artisan generate:erd output.svg --format=svg

Learn More

You can check out this package and readme on the official GitHub repository. To learn more about the underlying tool used to create graph visualizations, you can learn more on graphviz.org.